Executive Team

Roy Mangione

Roy Mangione

Roy Mangione‘s background is extensive and covers huge territory in the field of Supply Chain. Over the course of a 32-year career, Roy’s commitment to honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic have been principle to his success. From his first job unloading trucks in a sewing machine warehouse to his many years as a C-Level Executive, Roy’s quick problem analysis and resolution have resulted in millions of dollars in savings that has been his trademark wherever he was employed.

As founder of TM Supply Chain Group, LLC, Roy’s goal is to help all companies regardless of size or industry to improve the health of their business through cutting costs and maintaining high levels of production and customer satisfaction.

To his credit Roy is a genuine people person who excels at relationship-building. In addition to the in-house team here at TM Supply Chain Group, LLC, Roy has managed to build an enumerable network of top vendors and suppliers across the country – contacts who represent the best of the best in their field. Not only has this resulted in his ability to leverage huge savings for his clients, but also the added assurance that you’ll be doing business with those who hold to the same high standards and quality of work as our own.

If you’d like to reach out to Roy personally, please don’t hesitate to do so.

Email Roy: roy@tmsupplychain.com

Michael Curving

Michael Curving is an internet marketing strategy consultant and entrepreneur who brings experience and expertise in web software applications integration and project management consulting. Michael has worked with software of all types including ecommerce platforms, content management systems, knowledge management software, CRM systems, email marketing applications, and more.

Michael has a deep knowledge of Channel Marketing best practices and has worked with seasoned companies and start-ups at creating and managing online sales and distribution through partner and affiliate reseller programs. If you’re a company looking to expand your online distribution channel he can tailor-suit a solution to fit your needs.

Michael is an alumnus of Rutgers University where he graduated with Highest Honors and Honors Scholar designation. He applies the same level of dedication to all of his work and always operates from a client-first approach.