Roy’s no-nonsense yet common sense approach to management turned the Operations division of Borax Paper around. Under his leadership, we were able to achieve a nearly 99% order fulfillment rate, which is nearly unheard of in the paper industry, thus putting Borax Paper in an extremely competitive position in the tough New York market.

His leadership saved Borax Paper thousands of dollars, from overtime abuse, “picking” errors, mismanaged inventory and other errors that are notorious profit “drainers”, helping Borax Paper not only survive, but thrive through the last few difficult years. If you want to “shape up” your business and have it realize its true potential, Roy Mangione is the man for the job.

Dorothy Wiggan, Marketing Manager
Borax Paper Products

* * * * *

I had the pleasure of working with Roy during my tenure at Norstan Apparel as Chief Operating Officer. Roy is a proven expert in operations, logistics and supply chain management who knows how to maximize the resources given to him in providing optimal results. He is a terrific leader, manager and mentor to his team and works well in both unionized and non-unionized environments.

We had over 250 locations spread amongst 17 states in a very competitive and complex market. Roy and his group serviced, supplied and supported the entire organization and I have to say that I can’t recall a time where I ever had to worry about the responsibilities under his leadership.

Andrew Singer, C.P.M., COO
Norstan Apparel

* * * * *

Over the years I have known Roy Mangione to be an outstanding operations professional as well as an outstanding human being. Roy is the type of person who sees a job through from beginning to end. There isn’t a transportation or logistics challenge that he has not been able to meet head on.

Finding the easiest, and more often least expensive route, Roy has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to his employer’s bottom line. A leader who understands how to coexist in union and non-union environments, Roy’s super strength is really motivation. His associates break down barriers for him and constantly extend themselves to meet deadlines and maximize performance.

John Iaciofano, Vice President
Kenzer Corp

* * * * *

Mr. Mangione would be a significant asset to any company looking for results. In his work experience Roy was able to optimize efficiency of his staff as well as recommending IT and systems improvements. These improvements both reduced costs amd maximized production. Roys knowledge of pick/pack, fulfillment, 3PL and transportation puts him in the upper level of managers in his field.

Mark Lazarus, CFO

* * * * *

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Roy in different capacities and would absolutely recommend him to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, hard-working and dedicated individual to fill a senior management role in warehousing, distribution, or logistics. While Roy has been a client, a vendor, and a partner to me in the past, he has always been a trusted source of industry information and expertise.

John Lubic, Sr. Manager of Logistics

* * * * *